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The Stone Age Cave

An area covered in large boulders and rocks is situated right next to the reception at Melkevoll Bretun. Under some huge blocks of stone, nature has created a large room, which we have called the "Stone age cave". Walls and stairs have been made of stone modelled after a copy of a stone age home. In the middle of the cave is a large spot for bonfires.

Accommodation and serving of food

We welcome you and your friends to enjoy "Stone age life». A bonfire, reindeer furs on the benches and romantic candle light make the cave a convenient place for a special company outing, a family celebration or a party with friends. You can bring your own food or enjoy catering by e.g. Norsk Gardsmat Aabrekk Gard, Briksdalsbre fjellstove or Smak Stryn. To top this experience, guided tours are offered to teach you more about the stone age cave and the surrounding nature. There have been many events since the cave's opening in 2001 that was a great success.

The cave tells its own story

During the work in the cave some wood-remnants were discovered. After consulting with Professor Atle Nesje from the University of Bergen, a sample was analyzed at a laboratory in the US. It appeared the wood was 5.940 years old. This tells us that these big rocks came as an avalanche about 6.000 years ago. Vegetation that grew on the mountain slope came down with the rock fall. Some of the wood has been preserved, and has been lying in a dry spot in the Stone Age cave ever since.

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