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Melkevoll Bretun has big and small camping areas for those who want to camp with tents, camping wagons or motorhomes. You can find your own space in the nature, where we have arranged small terraces, as well as larger open areas.
Around the Bretun you will find benches and wooden tables where you can enjoy your meal outdoors.

Camping in nature.

Camping in nature.

Views of the service building, camping and Utelada.

Views of the service building, camping and Utelada.

The Viewpoint "Utsikten".

The Viewpoint "Utsikten".

The place is beautiful.
Not the ordinary parking lot arrangement of one camper next to the other, but plenty of hideaways to park at. A lovely, barn style common space with fire in the middle, clean showers and all the facilities available. Guest review 2016


Pitches built in harmony with nature with large and small terraces for tents and mobile homes
Focus on sustainability and being in harmony with nature (eco)
"Inforamavegen"; small footpaths with nature- and historical information about the area
Several wooden tables around for eating outside
Large viewpoint "Utsikten" where you can sit down, see Volefossen (waterfall), Briksdal glacier and Oldedalen.


Free wifi for our guests
Connection to electricity at 50 spots around the camping area
Large new kitchen offers cooking and washing facilities
Large barbecuehouse, tables and sitting areas in «Utelada» with big panorama windows to enjoy the views while having a meal
In Utelada there is also a bonefire in the evenings
Personal service in the daytime cafe with coffee and ice cream, as well a small selection of groceries. 
Washing machine for clothes and dryer
Shower, WC and sauna
Water and chemical toilet